African Musical Arts, Inc.

(Formerly “African Chorus”)

Mission: To present programs which enrich America’s overall cultural heritage by highlighting the music of African descent composers.

The African Musical Arts, Inc., formerly named “African Chorus,” is a non-profit arts organization founded shortly before 1994 to foster a better understanding of Africa’s cultures through the musical arts. When our organization began, our goal was to showcase African choral composers through a small performing ensemble, the St. Louis African Chorus. Now, after 20 years of programming, this mission has expanded to a commitment to meet an ever-growing audience desirous of new modes of artistic expression, entertainment and cross-cultural enrichment. Our new name, African Musical Arts, Inc, reflects this expanded focus on both choral AND instrumental music by African-descent composers. To fulfill our mission, African Musical Arts, Inc offers the following programs:

African Choral Music Workshops® bring internationally acclaimed choral to schools, colleges and community groups nationwide. Click HERE for a list of available clinicians.  

 “Sonic Safari” Concerts with the Songs of Africa Ensemble showcase African music in a contemporary setting. The Songs of Africa Ensemble is a multi-cultural vocal and instrumental group teaches about Africa’s music, its musical instruments, languages and cultures. Click HERE to visit Songs of Africa Ensemble on Facebook. 

African Choral Odyssey Series features one major African choral group each year in a tour of cities across Missouri and the U.S.  Touring groups are available for concerts, school visits, and cultural exchange workshops in partnering schools, organizations, and churches. The African Choral Odyssey Series has toured choirs and performing groups from Benin, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo DR, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda and South Africa.

African Dance and Drumming Program presents classes, school demonstrations and performances by Chief Bokulaka, renowned dancer/choreographer/drummer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Click HERE for more information on the African Dance and Drumming Program.  

Intercultural Music Initiative Chamber Concerts present classical music by African-descent composers along with the usual standard repertoire performed by renowned local and international musicians. Artists are available for concerts, lecture-recitals, artist-residencies, workshops, and master classes designed for schools and colleges. Click HERE to visit Intercultural Music Initiative Facebook page.  

National Intercultural Choral Workshops, presented annually the 2nd week of October, is a 4-day event bringing scholars, artists and audiences together to help expand knowledge of new choral repertoire. Through hands-on training by renowned choral clinicians, participants have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in learning how to share great new music with singers and audiences. From contemporary standard repertoire to Gospel, a cappella jazz, African-American Spirituals, American folksong traditions, Afro-Caribbean, African traditional and contemporary repertoire from the Oxford University Press publication, Songs of Africa, participants will learn from the very best leaders in their fields. Click HERE for more information on NICW.

Voice of African Music quarterly newsletter is dedicated to current topics in African descent music. Over 12,000 subscribers in the Greater St. Louis area, and over 100,000 readers access the online version. Click HERE to read the latest issue. Click HERE to subscribe.

"The St. Louis African Chorus [African Musical Arts, Inc] and its dynamic founder and director, Fred Onovwerosuoke, have rapidly earned and gained stature and appreciation locally and nationally. The increasing performance and educational schedule of the group demand our attention."  - Robert Nordman, E. Des Lee Distinguished Professor for Music Education and former Music Supervisor for St. Louis Public Schools

"I truly commend [Fred's] perspective ... to expose people to a variety of styles..." 
- Professor J. H. Kwabena Nketia, world-renowned ethnomusicologist, composer, and authority on African music.


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